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Let us create awesome websites & mobile apps for your products, services and ideas in a short amount of time.

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The experience & security is a solid foundation for websites and mobile apps

“We had designed this framework based on Sky's experience with building websites for many types of industries started from 2007. What's great about Sky Connectiva is that it can be used by anyone from absolute beginners to skilled app users from all around the world”

Henry Chong, S.Kom, M.TI, Founder

Sky Connectiva is Worldwide First One Stop Digital IT Solution from A to Z. (current)

Start here, complete. Ethernal.


Who is Sky Connectiva ?

We can create custom (non-wordpress website) that can deploy fast and run instantly (not more than 10 minutes / almost realtime). Also easy to maintain web/mobile apps, Easy to set up and start selling. Focus on your project plan. You'll see impressive results in a couple of hours

  • For startups we have very pretty good start templates to go. We also have connection to Seeding/Investor.
  • For big companies Sky's have been trusted by several big company and goverment official, and we provide NDA with app whitelist solution

Our Lovely and Humbled CEO

Sky CEO's still want to help and make his hand 'dirty', he leads us through technical obstacles.



Our Vision and Mission

Sky Provide MVP method

Sky focus on most viable product first!
We run faster than other competitor. Especially when everything you have planned is bold!

For product owner it will be developed ultra fast!
For investor it will result a faster return on investment (ROI)

Our Product & Services

Sky Connectiva Provides Simple

Sky provide simple lisencing for ready to use apps, with easy payment system. We can also provide easy update without our staff need to come to your office.

Sky Connectiva Provides App Solution

Sky can create your Web/Mobile/AR start from 300 USD.

We provide Blockchain solution start from only 1000 USD.

Sky Connectiva Provides MVP Apps

Sky priority is MVP Apps that runs fast from Staging to Production.

We Support PR & Sosmed Problem

We provide IG Protection, IG Recovery, IG Unblocking, and IG Unhack

We Support Outsource/Partnership

Sky can create your web on your company, by sending our selected staff.

We Support Feedback Apps Audit and Review

Sky can provide audit review from security and performance of your apps, start from free testing until 1 billion IDR award winning testing.

Award Winning strategies

  • Prove Working Secret Solution
  • Virality Apps and Proven Methodology

Reasons to partner

  • 1. Energic Team.
  • 2. Ethical Language.
  • 3. Business Minded.


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