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Welcome to Sky Connectiva Universe Partners and Groups (SKCU P&G)

April 2018 Report: IDR 29.313.212.399,- (please check in member area),-


Activities Done since 2012 (Sky Connectiva Report)

High Value Project / VIP | 5 projects
Under Research Proposal | 2 projects
Data Recovered | 10 devices
Training Center | 18 people

Project Done since 2012 (Sky Connectiva Report)

Small Project | 2 project
Implemented Project Nationwide | 3 projects
School Project | 10 projects
Medical | 2 projects
Hotel Project | 1 project
Government Project | 4 projects
Company Project | 18 projects

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Sky HQ Indonesia
Jakarta's Next Silicon Valley
( Gelong Baru Tengah No.31 Jakarta ‐ 11440 )
The White Gate


Sky Branch I Indonesia
Offline HQ
( Daan Mogot Ruko No.42 Jakarta)
The Sky Soho


Sky Branch II Indonesia
Online HQ
( Sudirman Park Jakarta)
The Online Network

also available in online partner from Japan, Hongkong, India, Malaysia, Seoul, Singapore, Thailand, and USA

Staffs (Familia) Quotes

If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more,
you are a leader .

~Kailash Kenzie (President Director)
It always seems to be impossible until it's done.
So get do it ! I'm possible!

~Sky (Director)
Do Your Job Now,
Do not delay.

~Angelicia Tan (Secretary)
Do the most important things

~Ali Ridho (Trainer)
... see more soon